R&D Technologies

What we do

R&D Engineering Design & Services Ltd has a proven track record of innovative designs, effective problem solving and attention to detail and our goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of every customer.

We design and develop antennas tailed for special purpose.

We build a bespoke RF line up design from end to end to fit special purposes and environments.

For instance, if you have a requirements but you do not know how to achieve it,  or, you may have an idea and you want to reflect it in a design. Our Expertise is from draft to craft. We design and develop products for most communication systems in the civilian as well as defence sectors.

We pride ourselves on our commitment to provide a professional and speedy service at all times, whilst maintaining the highest quality of work. We take on all types of jobs from small domestic work to larger commercial projects, all carried out to the highest standards, and at very competitive prices.

R&D Sectors

RF Bespoke solution

We provide in house antenna design services. This includes draft structure, CAD modelling, CAD simulation. Besides, we impliment an advance engineerimng design exploration techniques to achieve an optimal desired performance.

RF Consultancy

We provide a solution for any type of problems related to RF and wireless communication. Whether it’s a design, Modelling or a selection of suitable technology. Our expertise is highly appreciated and we are able to solve complex problems in a short time with competitive prices.

Engineering design Modelling

Our client’s design specifications and preliminary ideas are transformed into a draft structure.Then this draft is transformed into numerical models in CAD software, predicting the performance before prototyping. We are skilled at using various modeling and simulation tools.

Design exploration and optimisation

Design exploration or optimization is essential in product development. In contrast to the traditional “trial and error” method, which costs a long design time but obtains suboptimal design results, our in-house computational intelligence-based software tools obtain highly optimal designs in an efficient manner.

Special purpose antenna

We know that each design it has special requirement. That`s why we are here to help you. whetehr at the start, middle, or at the end of your project. We have the experience to handle most of the design modelling softwares.


Our RF products cover the complete range of frequencies from 50MHz to 40 GHz covering VHF, UHF, TETRA, GSM-3G, 4G & 5G, MIMO, GPS, Wireless LAN, WIFI and WIMAX, cables, connectors, adapters and associated antenna products.