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Satellite antennas can provide communication paths with other satellites as well as earth stations.We support variety of satellite applications worldwide including fixed and mobile ground-based satellite systems. We regularly undertake bespoke RF development projects. Our in-house optimisation technique can build the most critical design parameters, and assure an optimal results.

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Different Antennas can be used with gain varying from 7dBi to 32dBi, with linear, dual-linear, circular or dual-circular polarisations.The lower gain, lower frequency, L-band and S-band antennas have very high efficiencies, with low side-lobes, which provide for optimum G/T. Modest-gain, C-band and X-band, flat panel antennas can replace small parabolic dishes and horns, providing a very low profile, which is especially useful if these are to be used with steering mechanisms. These are used for broadband applications around the world, where terrains are hostile or arduous. Please get in touch for bespoke design or consultancy services for these designs.

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In R&D we provide a solution for a range of mobile ground satellite antennas for applications including Meteosat weather buoys, data collection, and up-links and GPS.