Objective Driven Radio Frequency
Objective Driven Radio Frequency

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Every microwave filter and antenna has its unique design challenges.

Filter and antenna are fundamental building blocks of RF systems. Unfortunately, off-the-shelf solutions are not applicable to many applications and bespoke design is a challenge to many.  In R&D , our design explorer alogrithm, achieving better performanceand high quality than CAD tools in the market. Our expert teams select the most appropriate topologies. Whether it is an off-the-shelf solution or a bespoke design, R&D gives you the opportunity to present winning products in the market.

We Transform Your idea into a wining product

We transform your innovative idea into a winning product. Our process is to prepare the key design decisions, such as topology, material, etc, make a draft design, CAD modelling to predict the product performance before building a prototype, then explore the best performance by using different optimisation tools. This includes What-if thinking in this process; different design alternatives will be explored. Finally, assuring the robustness and confirming the design is flawless. Our services produce design solutions for a wide range of customer needs.


Most Advanced CAD softwares

In R&D we use the state of art Computer-Aided Design softwares with a combination of efficient design exploration techniques to achieve the optimal results